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Why go SOLAR?

Add Value

Your electric company is a landlord. They want you to lease electricity & slowly raise the price. Think of it as renting a house that you will never own or build equity in. People purchase homes because they want to build equity, lock in a monthly payment & eventually pay it off. Going solar is the same thing: You are now using the same money that you were paying to your electricity landlord but are now adding value to your home with solar.

Tax Credit

The federal tax credit for 2023 is 30%. Go solar now!

Environmentally Friendly

You’re making an environmentally conscience decision. It’s no secret that there is only a finite supply of fossil fuels & solar power is good for the environment.

 Next Energy

Next Energy Solar was formed in 2020 by Justin Baker & Spencer Gordon with the goal of bringing sustainable energy & value to homeowners in the Wellington, Colorado area.

Both Justin & Spencer are proud to call Wellington home & are excited to open the town’s first & only solar company.

In addition to our local roots, we also only use 100% made-in-North America solar panels.

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